What is Consensus Engine ?

We have chosen engine of BSC(Binance Smart Chain) to achieve the following goals:

  1. Wait a few blocks to confirm(should be less than Eth 1.0), better no fork in most cases.
  2. Blocking time should be shorter than Ethereum 1.0, i.e. 5 seconds or less.
  3. No inflation, the block reward is transaction gas fees.
  4. Most compatible as Ethereum.
  5. With staking and governance as powerful as cosmos.

keys & Identity

Powerful blockchain technologies

Geth implements two kinds of consensus engine: ethash(based on PoW) and clique(base on PoA). Ethash is not a fit option for BSC because BSC gives up PoW. Clique has smaller blocking time and is invulnerable to 51% attack while doing as little to the core data structure as possible to preserve existing Ethereum client compatibility.


BSCBOOSTER operates using a Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism


Most Secure

A self-sovereign blockchain: Provides security and safety with elected validators.


Global System

EVM-compatible: BSC Supports all the existing Ethereum tooling along with faster finality and cheaper transaction fees.


Access your BSCBOOSTER

U can access your assets anywhere using a mobile Crypto BSC Wallets.


Smart Contact

Unlike Proof-of-Work, the light-client protocol does not need to download and check all the headers in the blockchain.


Reward System

The incentive mechanism for relayers to maintain system contracts. They will get rewards from system reward contract.

How it work

How does BSC blockchain work


A wants to send money to B


The transaction is represented online as a block


The block is broadcasted to every party in the network


The network approves the transaction


The block is added to the existing blockchain in a
transparent and unaterable way


The transaction is complete

Several Genesis

System Contract

There are several genesis contracts to help implement on BSC:
  • Light client contract. It is a watcher of distributed consensus process implemented by contract that only validates the consensus algorithm of Binance Chain.
  • Cross Chain Contract. It is the cross chain communication layer. It will verify the sequence and merkle proof of a cross chain package.
  • BSCValidatorSet contract. It is a watcher of validators change of BSC on Binance Chain.
  • System Reward contract. The incentive mechanism for relayers to maintain system contracts. They will get rewards from system reward contract.
  • Liveness Slash Contract. The liveness of BSC relies on validator set can produce blocks timely when it is their turn.
  • Other contracts. The BSC may take advantage of powerful governance of Binance Chain, for example, propose to change a parameter of system contracts.


The timeline


The token Sale is Live!

Thank you for your support in the pre-sales. As planned, we are moving to official limited web sale launch :
- made more than 2500 Booster transactions
- more than 1000 people have obtained our token
- in the near future we will conduct tests of a new smart contract better suited to the needs and purpose of the token
- at the turn of 2/3 of the quarter we expect to test the new contract and its functionality
- we reduce the officially supported sales ratio ( lower than I )